Measuring Quality of Health Goals in HIV Patients


S. M. Mozafarinia, F. Rajabiyazdi, and N. Mayo. Measuring quality of health outcome goals using text mining techniques. Poster presentation at International Society for Quality of Life research, 26th annual conference, San Diego, USA, 2019.
S. M. Mozafarinia, F. Rajabiyazdi, and N. Mayo. Text mining application for measuring quality of health outcome goals. Poster presentation at Centre for Outcome Research & Evaluation Research Day, Montreal, Canada, 2019.


This project is under development in collaboration with a McGill PhD student, Maryam Mozafarinia and Dr. Nancy Mayo.

Chronic conditions require day-to-day management and goal setting occupies a pivotal place in this process. Clinically, goals are set collaboratively with the patient and a clinician because achieving a goal that is not SMART is difficult and will not produce the desired effect on health outcomes. However, patient self-defined goals lack the structure and format of clinically SMART goals. In this project, we are using text-mining techniques to measure patient self-defined goals and give patients feedback based on the results of our measurement.